How Social Media Helped Elect a President. #NABradioshow

Lessons in Social Media & Mobile
Case Study – Obama for America

Scott Goodstein of Revolution Messaging was in charge of Senator Obama’s social campaign and downloaded the attendees on what it took to get a senator elected president with the help of social media.

First and foremost

Secondly, don’t be afraid to experiment.  Social media can be very powerful but you have to be afraid to try (and fail) at new tactics and strategies that incorporate social media into the traditional plan.

Social Networking sites used:
Faceook, MySpace, Twitter, MiGente, BlackPlanet, Eventful, LinkedIn, Eons, (Disabled Americans social network) 

Next, make sure you’re adding value for your listeners.

  • Don’t try and change the world or fix anything.  Try to add to the process.
  • Text messaging was used at event in SC.  30k attendees.  Didn’t give conversion #.
  • Allow consumers to engage & validate.
    • Artists created posters.  The campaign didn’t ask them to they just did it with elements the campaign already had out there.  In this case, promotional photos.
    • Consumers created videos.  Same as above.  User-generated content exploded all over the internet because the campaign provided the tools and made it easy for the consumers.
    • Move the marketplace.  Inspire the consumer to want to be a part of your brand/cause/event.

The campaign used mobile/text/iPhone app in the following ways to engage a new generation of voters:

  • News feeds
  • Policy info. Get info about the candidate’s platform straight from the source.
  • Videos
  • Office locations.  Made it easy for potential volunteers to easily find a place to volunteer.
  • Call friends. Used your phones contact list to keep track of who you’ve called to action.
  • Wallpaper
  • Ringtones
  • Photos
  • Sign ups
  • Send hope

42% of teens say they can text while blindfolded.

13 to 17 year olds send 2000 texts/mo on average (Source: Nielsen)

Finally, social media can DEEPEN THE INTERACTION & the CONVERSATION with your consumers, fans, listeners, viewers, voters to make a difference and move them to action!

WHICH HALF OBSERVATIONS: Unfortunately, the Radio industry doesn’t move as quickly as it should.  Perhaps a player will emerge in the next year or so that IS doing these things right and the bottom line will help legitmize the extra efforts, and maybe help re-elect Radio as the media choice for the next generation.


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