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The perfect headline


So I’m flipping through the channels, enjoying my time off from work, and I see ‘Top Gear’ listed on the DirecTV channel guide.  I’ve heard about it but really, most car shows are over my head and bore me.  Usually its guys talking about torgue ratios, gear ratios and more engine stats than I want to know.  But then the description catches my eye, “Dodge Viper SRT vs. Cobra helicopter.”  Can I really watch a Dodge Viper race a helicopter!!!  In a word: SWEEEEEEET!

So I click over and the first thing I see is 3 guys showing off 3 different Lamborghinis.  They demo each car, show how fast they are, talk about how much they cost and other very top-level (non car geek info) stats about the car.  (i.e. These things go 0-to-60 in 3.4 seconds).  Holy cow!  They get into a discussion about which one is fastest.  So, naturally, the next thing they do is RACE THEM.

By this time I’m hooked.  I even missed the car vs. helicopter stunt but who cares this is a bad ass show!  I may even go ‘Like’ the show on Top Gear’s Facebook page

My point is that because the producers (or network) wrote a killer headline, who wouldn’t want to watch a sports car race a helicopter, I tuned in and sampled their brand/show.  And, as a marketer, that’s all you can ask for — a consumer to sample your brand.  After that it’s up to the product to deliver on whatever promise the marketing guys made.

The bonus here is that the brand/show actually delivered on it’s promise to me, the consumer.  The headline said I would see something really cool that I had never seen before.  And I did.

Keep that in mind when writing headlines for your blogs, print ads, radio spots, TV spots or any other marketing materials.  Be sensational. Find the most sensational (truthful) point of what you are selling or writing about and use that to draw in customers.

Oh and in the next episode they raced two skiers down a mountain in a Mitsubishi Evo. 🙂  The car won.