Best CSS tool: Using the 960 Grid System

Amazing!  No, stupendous! No, unbelievable!  You get the picture. 

If you are a designer, developer, coder, etc. (even a newbie) I would highly suggest you dig in and use Nathan Smith’s 960 Grid System, best css tool ever!  It only took me a few hours to understand the structure and begin using it.  Nathan Smith provides a ton of templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and even Visio (along with several more).  So you can start using it almost instantly.

My favorite part was how easy it was to update the layout for Nashville’s premiere music teaching studio, Music Star Studios.  MSS has recently expanded into the Atlanta market.  And, since I built the site about a year ago it definitely needed updating.  The original code and design was NOT on any type of grid system (my bad).

It only took about a day to update all the pages, all WITHOUT any design changes (except for the homepage, which was a total re-design anyway).  I was able to quickly add a new navigation scheme and it worked like a charm.

To sum up,  THANK YOU, Nathan Smith for developing tools like the for the community to use.

Another designer friend of mine also recently introduced me to the grid system when they designed the website for the 44th Annual CMA Awards on ABC.  Thanks to for that.


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