Facebook Fans Help Protect Brand

Back in January, when I posted the final update to promote a video contest on our website to win tickets to CMA Music Festival it sparked a conversation (for whatever reason) about another music festival and how it was supposedly ‘better’ than CMA Music Festival.

This is a great example of how social media can affect a brand in a VERY POSITIVE way.  Fans were quick to jump in and argue in favor of the CMA Music Festival (and protect the CMA brand) and did it better and with more creditability than we (CMA) ever could.

Now, I think some Marketing Managers would rush to delete these negative or not-so-nice comments about their event or brand.  But fortunately by the time I saw these comments plenty of other fans had already rebutted the argument.  So, I just let them keep on doing the same.

I think the challenge we have as marketers is to harness that power to push sales, drive new customers to sample our product (whatever it is) and capture data so we can more affordably message back to these hyper-loyal fans.


Country Music Association
Did ur Sweet Thing get you something nice for Christmas? Well Whatever It Is, we hope you got the moment on video. Put ur Boots On and upload it to enter to win Music Fest tickets. You’ll go from Small Town USA to Nashville, TN for CMA Music Fest in June. It’s easy, Alright. But hurry cuz It Won’t Be Like This For Long…. Even if the video is a little Sideways or shaky, upload it now. Last chance because voting starts tomorrow! http://www.cmafest.com

Debbie Pappas
wohoo can’t wait…already got my tickets~!

Jeannette Kleikamp Sims
This is something I’d love to go to but it’s too close to Country Thunder & that’s just way too much money to fork out. At least Gary Allan will be at Country Thunder this year, so that is definitely worth the money!!!

Amy Thomas
do you think Country Thunder is better than the CMA festival? We go to the festival every year because we have Gold Tickets…but wanting to try Country Thunder.

Debbie Pappas
what is country thunder?

Tina Marshall
Never heard of Country Thunder! I can’t wait for CMA fest, only problem is, our gold seats (sec C, row 11), were sold on us by our travel agent who decided he wasnt doing it anymore! We got “gold”, seats that were not considered gold last year. We will enjoy it anyway!

Debbie Pappas
we were lucky to get our tickets when they had that 48 hour sale…got 4 days for $72.00

Debbie Pappas
I’ve never heard of Country Thunder either tina…

Sandra Clowes
I can’t wait to go! Only 5 more months!

Sharon Loftin
Is that in Ohio?

Angela Kreger Hennen
Is Country Thunder in Wisconsin? I think it is. I go to Country Jam USA in Eau Claire, Wisconson since 1996. VIP for the last 11 of 12 years. Seat are C-center, six row -f, 10 &11 for perfect line up with center of stage! Check out profile pic-Taylor Swift opening for close-out Rascal Flatts. Hey, Tina…how do you get CMA Fest Tickets with a… See More Travel Agent. Is that a hotel and air package? I have accomodations with Vacation Ownership; but would like the best seats when I go to this some day.

Anna Marie Paciullo
best 900 dollars i ever will spend ♥

Barbara Dibben
My best friend an I went 3 yrs ago.. best trip I have ever taken.. I live for concerts.. I didnt think it was that expensive.. Ground seating is the only way togo..

Sharon Shelor
Got my tix for this year…can’t wait!!

Sheila Hawkins
I have tickets too did’nt go last year

Lauren Denemark
Country Thunder is in WI in July and in AZ in April, I think. I don’t think anything compares to CMA Fest! The artists do so much to make the experience special for their fans.

Janelle Will
lol…if it was still down at the fairgrounds I”d be finding “My Way to You”…but since its still spread out all over town and not as fan friendly to this fan as before…I’ll “Leave You Alone”….and just watch the little recap “In Color” on tv instead… :o)

Sanne Falk Kragh
Got my ticket in christmas present – cant wait – Nashville here i come, YEE HAW !!!!!!!!!

Diana Gondek
I go to a lot of concerts, but the CMA Fest is the most fun thing I do all year. I have to say the CMA Awards is second. Saw so many artists there this year. Up close and personal. The artists were just everywhere and would take pictures and talk with all the fans. They were in the restaurants and just walking downtown.


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