The Best and Worst Christmas Commercials

The Best
Target – Santa Running to get Last Minute Gift Ideas

The spot opens with Santa running in slow motion as fast as he can. It continues that way for about 8 seconds. Then the camera zooms to a wider shot to show that Santa was in a parking lot sprinting towards the Target. The full screen chyron reads: “Great Last Minute Gifts” (or something similar). Funny AND memorable with a CLEAR MESSAGE. (Go to Target for your last-minute gift needs)

The Worst
Legos – Father and Son Build a Lego House

I really have NO IDEA what they are trying to say. The spot shows a time lapse of two sets of hands building a lego mansion with a windmill on top. The VO does kind of a play-by-play of the action then comments on the bizarre inclusion of a windmill


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