It’s Nascar Season Baby!

It’s time once again for the Great American Race, the Daytona 500!!

If you have a consumer product aimed at Men 25-54 Nascar is the place to be.
This half of your advertising is working. It’s almost guaranteed!

Nascar was made for corporate sponsorship. Unlike most other major sports without corporate sponsorship Nascar would NOT be possible. The fans love it, the drivers love it and the sponsors love it.

The fan base is some of the MOST BRAND LOYAL fans on the planet! They love their favorite drivers and everything that driver represents. Chevy vs. Ford. Coke vs. Pepsi. And everything in between.

Jeff Gordon = Chevy, Pepsi, DuPont Paint
Dale Jr. = Chevy, Coke, Budweiser (still), Amp energy drink
Jimmie Johnson = Chevy, Lowe’s
Tony Stewart = Chevy, Home Depot (still)
Bill Elliott = Ford, McDonald’s (still), Motorcraft

It’s some of the most expensive advertising you’ll ever do but done correctly it can also be the most effective ever. Each race is a 3 hour product placement commercial. Plus, all the sweepstakes, spot advertising and driver interaction makes it a 360 degree campaign sure to sell some product.

Now back to the race!


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