I’ve been listening to 95.9 The Ranch (KFWR) for that last hour or so, online. These guys GET IT. They have created something that is truly REMARKABLE. When you listen to the Ranch you know you’re listening to the Ranch. They aren’t trying to make everyone happy all the time. They picked a very focused target, Texas Country Music Fans, and ran with it.

The other two stations in Dallas/Ft. Worth are very very very similar. They play the same mainstream acts such as Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, George Strait, Montgomery Gentry over and over, sometimes at the same time. Now, I used to be a HUGE fan of The Wolf (KPLX) but the dream team that built it is long gone to other parts of radio and country music. Of course, KPLX and KSCS are the two dominant country stations but I firmly believe that is due to signal strength. The Ranch’s signal can only be heard in Ft. Worth and west, The West-O-Plex as the Ranch DJs have dubbed it.

I only hope they have a strategic marketing and advertising plan to ensure they maximize the brand and listenership to ensure they aren’t made to flip to a more mainstream country format or god forbid a different format altogether.

On the Ranch in the last hour:
Babys Got A Whole Lot
Reckless Kelly

Last Call
Jamie Richards

If We Ever Make It Home
Wade Bowen

I’ve Been Everywhere
Brian Burns

Down And Out
Randy Rogers Band

Josh Abbott Band

She Left Me For Jesus
Hayes Carll

Somewhere Down in Texas
Jason Boland and The Stragglers

I Would
Jack Ingram

Other Side of Town
Micky And The Motor Cars

More: 95.9 The Ranch (KFWR) website
More: 99.5 The Wolf (KPLX) website
More: 96.3 KSCS website


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