Email Marketing Misses | Coke


Ok, so I got this in my email inbox today.  Yes, it’s my birthday.  Not the point.

What’s missing from this email?  Wait for it…

How about a FREE Coke or some FREE Coke Rewards points or maybe a t-shirt from a Coke Nascar driver for my birthday.

What would that have cost the largest beverage producer on the planet?  Next to nothing I imagine. Plus, so many of these go unredeemed.  It’s the thought that counts though.  The fact that they would offer something for FREE would have bumped them up a notch with me.  I’m a Dr. Pepper guy normally.  But how easy would it have been to invite me to re-engage the Coke website or try a new product they are rolling out.  Don’t they always seem to have a new product coming out?

Anything but a very generic Happy Birthday.  I got 50 of those on Facebook today and a bunch more in my inbox.

The point is that I think they missed a huge opportunity to easily and inexpensively bring me further into the Coke family.


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