Gen Y’s Idea Currency

The currency of Advertising is Ideas.

Have you ever had a boss that could never admit he was wrong?  Took credit for your ideas?  Played two employees against each other?  Old school managers, I think, believed that admitting an error or not being able to develop their own ideas showed weakness.  They ruled with an iron fist or worse, a deaf ear.

For the next generation of American employees, especially those in a creative discipline, middle and upper management HAVE TO TAKE A DIFFERENT APPROACH.  With the New World Order (aka Gen Y) upon us, a more collaborative work atmosphere is taking shape.

The new mission for managers?  Concentrate on FINDING the best idea rather than HAVING the best idea.  Those that harness the ingenuity of Gen Y will be the successful ones.  They are as smart as our generation maybe smarter, but their work styles are vastly different.  They are identified by flex hours, constant contact, hard-working/hard-playing types that don’t have to take life or work as seriously as prior generations.

So Gen Y managers:  Listen to your people, give them room to do their jobs, give them a goal and get out of the way.


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